Greenfield is known for its caring community, fun activities for the whole family and a plethora of amenities. Did you know, however, that neighborly kindness also has a huge place in the heart of our city? You can’t put a price tag on good neighbors, especially those who truly care, and they are one of life’s biggest blessings. Do you know how to be a great neighbor to those who share your street, block or neighborhood? What about being a great neighbor within the larger community?

Being a Great Neighbor At Home

Welcome others. One of the best ways to be a great neighbor is to welcome new neighbors into the mix. Show them kindness by introducing yourself, sharing a favorite recipe, or noting favorite local places for shopping, dining or entertainment.

Keep curb appeal in mind. Make sure the front of your house is well-kept. Your neighbors will thank you, not only because they will have a nice view when they are sitting on their front porch, but also because you will be helping to add value to their home as well as the neighborhood.

Minimize noise. Early morning and late night are generally the times when people enjoy a quiet atmosphere. Help to contribute by keeping noise to a minimum at these times. If you will be having work done on your house or throwing a party, be sure to let neighbors know so they aren’t taken by surprise.

Be a good pet owner. Take responsibility for your pets by cleaning up after them both in your yard and neighbors’ yards. Keep dogs leashed and be mindful of noises like barking.

Stop to help. If you notice a neighbor in trouble, whether it is something small or more severe, offer to help. Do they need jumper cables for their dead car battery? Do they need a meal delivered since their household has been fighting off a cold? How you help will depend on your relationship with your neighbors.

Handle conflict with tact. There will come a time when you and your neighbor may disagree on something. It is important to handle any disagreements in person and with tact and maturity. Don’t gossip with other neighbors about disagreements that don’t involve them.

Say “Thank you.” Make sure to say “thank you” to those neighbors to help you in ways both big and small.

Send a note. Even if you see your neighbors often, dropping them a little note can mean everything. In fact, if you send holiday cards, it is always nice to include your neighbors on your list.

Being a Great Neighbor In Your Community

Create a service project. Whether it is cleaning up trash along Pennsy Trail or offering to serve food at the local soup kitchen, there are many ways to help out within our community. By helping, you will meet other like-minded individuals and feel good about giving your time to worthy causes.

Support local businesses. Greenfield is home to a plethora of local businesses, many of which have had a difficult time during the pandemic and quarantine. Help out by ordering takeout and shopping local for gifts.

Support local agriculture. Do you love farm-fresh produce, eggs and meats? Head on over to the farmer’s market to support local agriculture. Better yet, drive out to one of the local farms to visit their café, participate in events and more!

Participate in blood drives. Giving blood is an easy and effective way to help out within your community. You can keep up to date on blood drives by following us on social media or heading over to Hancock Regional Hospital’s Facebook page.

Reduce your footprint. Help our community to stay beautiful and clean by picking up trash when you see it, recycling and reducing your family’s waste. Take to the trails or parks to enjoy nature and try to walk instead of driving when you get the chance!

Donate time or money to a local non-profit organization. Non-profit organizations work to keep our community strong by providing services and help to those in need. Do your part to help them sustain this important work by donating time or money.

Offer random acts of kindness. You can help out in the community by simply offering up random acts of kindness for no reason at all. Sometimes, a small gesture is all it takes to make someone’s day. Paying for the coffee of the person behind you in line, offering to hold the door for someone on their way into a store or simply smiling at a stranger are all ways to spread kindness in our community of Greenfield.

If the pandemic has taught us anything, it is that the kindness of neighbors is paramount. Being a good neighbor both within your neighborhood and your larger community can make a huge difference in helping fellow residents to feel cared for and welcomed. Citizens of Greenfield are lucky to say that they live in a beautiful and thriving community that has managed to keep the small-town roots and Midwestern values of kindness, generosity and neighborly love.