Do you have children growing up in Hancock County? Our very own local Hancock Regional Hospital has launched a bi-monthly digital magazine just for kids to learn more about their own health and wellness. Boomerang Magazine debuted in winter 2019 and over the last couple of years has taught kids about a variety of topics like proper sleep habits, farm-to-table dining, STEM and robotics, and much more! What can your child learn with the help of Boomerang?

Talking to kids on their level

Each Boomerang issue is roughly 15-20 pages long, capturing children’s attention spans and using age-appropriate language to discuss topics that they care about. Issues also include features like the Boomerang Bookshelf with relevant children’s book suggestions about that issue’s theme, crafts, activities or recipes to complete with a grown-up, and topical games and word searches. The digital magazine also includes links to videos and other fun stuff across the web for kids to explore with a parent or guardian.

Pivoting Boomerang during the pandemic

Launched just a few months before the COVID-19 pandemic hit, the editors of Boomerang could not have expected that some of their first issues would be focused so heavily on activities and making fun while staying at home. But in order to help kids understand the complexities of the coronavirus, Boomerang took on the challenge of writing directly to their age group about how to stop the spread, and going back to school. Boomerang even dedicated the fall 2020 cover to directing readers to videos of local kids explaining the coronavirus to their fellow children. 

Our latest Boomerang issue

The most recent issue of Boomerang was released for February 2022 with the theme “Be an Includer,” and it discusses diversity, inclusion and cultures around the world. An article on inclusion has suggestions for introducing yourself to new cultures, such as reading about different countries and cultures, visiting a museum to learn more about the lives of others, and trying new recipes from around the world. 

The titular article features advice from local first and second graders about including others at school and beyond. A food feature tells readers about the type of breakfasts that other kids around the world enjoy, and another piece talks about etiquette and manners that differ from our own in other countries. 

Partnering with Health Possible Alpha

Boomerang is published in partnership with Health Possible Alpha, a division of Hancock Regional Hospital’s Health Possible initiative that is designed just for kids who want to be as healthy as possible! Health Possible Alpha is named after Generation Alpha, the designation given to the demographic of kids born since 2010. 

The digital resources provided by Health Possible Alpha include not just Boomerang magazine, but additional downloadable coloring pages, word puzzles, videos from fellow children and age-appropriate blog posts. And of course, parents can find great family resources from Health Possible too, such as advice for new moms and other parenting relationships, the Health Possible newsletter delivered directly to your inbox and the health style quick quiz.