On a cool fall day, one of the best ways to warm up is with a steaming hot bowl of chili. Do you have a favorite family recipe? Whether you’ve been cooking chili at home for years or have never tried your hand making it, these famous Hoosier recipes will have you reaching for your biggest pot and ladle to try one tonight. 

Mount Comfort RV’s Hearty Fall Chili Recipe

Greenfield’s own Mount Comfort RV has an excellent chili recipe with a special fall spin: pumpkin puree. Taking a fall break trip in your RV? This meal can be easily prepared and cooked in an RV kitchenette. Their recipe also boasts a healthy twist with zucchini in addition to the pumpkin puree, and your choice of protein to suit your dietary needs. 

Blacker’s Chili

Pre-dating even the famous Cincinnati chili, Hoosier chili is often known for its spaghetti base. Many speculate this was originally a budget way to fill up a meal or even to mild a spicy chili for us Midwesterners. Founded by Dory C. Blacker in the ’20s, Blacker’s Chili was one of the first chili restaurants in Indianapolis, selling its chili and seasoning for home cooking as well. You can check out a few copycats of their “secret recipe” sourced by the Indy Star to try it for yourself.

Hoosier Chili Mac

Another famous Hoosier-style chili includes elbow macaroni for a pasta-filled “chili mac” or “chili soup” meal. This hearty recipe from Taste of Home magazine will make a large batch of this local favorite for your family, and also offers leeway for meat substitutions if you are looking for a leaner or healthier option. 

No-Bean Paleo Chili Recipe

Although the beans vs. no beans in chili debate isn’t as strong in the Midwest as it is in the South, some Hoosiers prefer their chili sans beans. If you’re looking for a meat-heavy paleo chili, then try this filling recipe from local blog Cornfields & High Heels. It’s got four different types of meats and fulfills not just paleo diets, but gluten-free and non-dairy palettes as well. 

Mom Unser’s Indy 500 Chili

Mary “Mom” Unser was the mother of two Indy 500 drivers, Bobby and Al, and was known for her legendary spicy chili. She cooked upwards of 50 to 75 gallons for the drivers, crew and team owners during race week each year in the ’60s and ’70s until she died in 1975. Her special recipe was recreated and shared by the Indy Star a few years back, so you can try the mouth (and eye) watering recipe at home.

Nick’s “Not Yet World Famous” Chili Parlor

Don’t want to cook but still want that great chili taste? Try award-winning Nick’s Chili Parlor in Indianapolis for dine-in, carry-out or catering. Founded in 1974 by Nick Ferris and his father Jim, Nick’s is known for its one-of-a-kind flavor and local flair. Voted in the Top 100 by LocalEats and “Best Dogs in Indy” by Yelp, you’ll find top-rated chili and chili dogs, “bun-buster” tenderloins, delicious desserts and more.