Do you know the numbers that make up our city of Greenfield? This community packs in a lot of interesting statistics, especially when compared to the state of Indiana and the country at large. Whether you are a longtime resident or considering making a move to Greenfield, we hope that these fast facts can help you understand a bit more about our local population and the improvements that are being made to the downtown area and its businesses. 

23,844 total population

As of 2020, the total population was 23,844, according to the World Population Review. With a square mileage of more than 14 miles, that puts us at 1,759 people per square mile. Greenfield comes to the 40th largest city in Indiana and the 1617th largest city in the U.S. The annual rate of growth for our population is roughly 1.79%. 

Our residents love the big-city excitement with our proximity to Indianapolis, plus the advantages of a small town, like an active arts community, top-notch libraries and an affordable cost of living. Jobs are plentiful in our area with a number of large local employers, and according to the Hancock Economic Development Council, the average household income for Hancock County is currently $89,845 with projections to grow to nearly $100k by 2026. 

4,396 total school enrollment

Our local school corporation is Greenfield-Central Community Schools, which has a total enrollment of 4,396 in the 2020-2021 school year. The corporation includes four elementary schools, two intermediate schools, one junior high school and one high school. According to the Department of Education, the overall corporation has a grade of B and Greenfield-Central High School is designated as a grade A public school. Hancock County is also home to three other local school corporations, all boasting top grades from the Department of Education as well. 

5th healthiest community

Greenfield sits at the heart of Hancock County, which was named the fifth healthiest community in the state of Indiana as of 2021. This analysis, conducted by the County Health Rankings project out of the University of Wisconsin Population Health Institute takes into consideration factors like excessive drinking, alcohol-impaired driving deaths, adult smoking and obesity, and access to exercise opportunities. 

With four different quality health care networks in the area, including award-winning Hancock Regional Hospital and its three conveniently located Wellness Centers, Greenfield residents have quick access to services that compete with those usually found in larger communities. Greenfield can also be found among the top healthiest communities in the United States according to U.S. News & World Report.

$6.5 million invested into the community 

In 2018, Greenfield was awarded the designation of a Stellar Community, a multi-state department investment initiative led by the Department of Transportation, Office of Community and Rural Affairs, the Indiana Housing & Community Development Authority and the Indiana Department of Health, among others. 

Greenfield city planners sought out this designation as a part of our downtown revitalization plan, eventually partnering with the Towns of Fortville, Shirley and Hancock County leadership during the multi-year application process to apply together as the Health and Heritage region. The Stellar Communities program awarded our region $4.5 million from the Indiana Office of Community and Rural Affairs and $2 million from the Indiana Department of Transportation.

$142,000 in downtown facade grants

As a part of the overall downtown revitalization plan, Greenfield Main Street was founded in 2008. Partnering with the City of Greenfield and the Stellar Communities Health and Heritage region, their vision is “to create a vibrant and prosperous Downtown Greenfield that attracts tourism while preserving Greenfield’s architectural heritage.” Greenfield Main Street began administering facade grants to local downtown businesses in 2010, and has awarded more than $142,000 over the last twelve years, leveraging over $800,000 in improvements.

With all of these facts and statistics, it can be easy to paint a “picture by the numbers” of the community of Greenfield. But the best way to really get a feel for our city is by visiting… so we hope to see you soon!