Winter brings a mixed bag of weather in Central Indiana, but the Greenfield Parks and Recreation Department is committed to bringing our community exciting programs, events and park updates no matter the time of year. The Parks department has exciting plans for 2021, and we think you’ll find that they will truly enhance the quality of life for all residents and visitors. 

Parks and Recreation Community Commitment

The Parks and Recreation mission is to “be the stewards of the open space, greenways, trails and park land in Greenfield and to serve its citizens.” They fulfill the mission by offering diverse programs and opportunities for recreation to all citizens and remaining flexible in the use of its land and facilities. They also work to create unique local partnerships with organizations that are mutually beneficial for residents and programs alike. 

Depot Street Park Opening

Our local parks and trails are some of the real cultural gems in the Greenfield community, and we are excited to see the new Depot Street Park opening for Summer 2021. This $2.3 million project is being completed in partnership with Health & Heritage Stellar Region after roughly two years of planning. 

The Depot Street Park will offer an amphitheater and shaded seating areas, running between Pennsy Trail and Depot Street with points of interest for trail-goers in historic downtown Greenfield. With a virtual groundbreaking in January, this park is going to be a top destination in our area. 

New Trail and Parks Upgrades

2021 will also bring additional trail and playground updates to Greenfield via the Parks and Recreation department. In spring/summer, we should see new playground equipment at Pennsy Trail Kids Park, located on the Pennsy Trail just west of Center Street. We are also looking forward to a new connector trail opening in fall 2021 from Pennsy Trail to Brandywine Park, also in partnership with the Health & Heritage Stellar Region. 

Parks and Recreation 2021 Events

Parks and Recreation has already planned a number of local events for 2021, and more will be added to the calendar as the year goes on. Coming up soon on Feb. 20 is the men’s 3 v 3 basketball tourney, with both a junior and adult bracket. 

The Parks department will host two Prom Night events as well, one in 1990s style on April 10, and one in 1950s style on Sept. 11. And, of course, you can count on their annual Haunted Trail in October. The department has also invested in new software coming in 2021 which will make registering for all things Parks easier and more convenient. 

If you would like more information about Greenfield Parks and Recreation events or programming, you can follow or contact them via social media @greenfieldparks on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

[Photo: East trailhead at Pennsy Trail]