Ever want to bike the amazing trails that span Hancock County, but don’t want to worry about hitching up a bike trailer? Or maybe you find yourself out for the day and want to meander through the parks on a bicycle? Then keep reading, because Greenfield’s new bike share is the perfect way to get around town! 

A bike share for fun and healthy living

We can thank the Leadership Hancock County team as well as Greenfield Parks for creating this amazing program for residents of Greenfield. If you head to Depot Street Park, Brandywine Park or Riley Park, you will find shiny white bikes ready for riders. And best of all? It is all free thanks to fundraising efforts of community members such as Hilary Engleking, Danielle Nylund, Hart Summeier and Rev. Merlyn Winters.  

The bike share is also sponsored by the Hancock Health Foundation, who has been striving to make health possible here in Hancock County. And it is working! Because of organizations like Leadership Hancock County, Greenfield Parks and Hancock Health as well as programs such as the Greenfield Bike Share, residents are moving more than they used to. In fact, Hancock County was ranked the 19th healthiest county in the state in 2013, but has now moved up 15 slots to number four! 

How does it work?

There are 10 bikes parked at three different parks, but you don’t need to park your bike exactly where you rented it from, making it easy to get around or even to complete cross training workouts. The bikes are free to rent, but you will need to follow a few steps first: 

  1. Head to Depot Street, Brandywine or Riley Park bike racks 
  1. Download and open the “On Bike Share” app 
  1. Find system name “Greenfield Parks & Recreation” 
  1. Select available bikes and wait for bikes to load 
  1. Select the bike you would like to use 

You will need to enter a credit card number because, even though the bikes are free, it is an assurance against them being left outside of the racks or mistreated. Rental times are from 6am to 9pm and you can easily return your bike to any of the three racks set up in the three different parks. Just follow directions on the sign when returning.  

The bikes aren’t just meant to stay inside the parks. You can also use them to get around downtown Greenfield to enjoy shops, restaurants and more of what is on offer. Head on over to our website for listings of all the cultural attractions and parks here in our community to choose from. Happy biking!