If you are looking to enjoy this winter’s latest craze, hot cocoa bombs, then you don’t have to look far. The hot cocoa bomb trend is sweeping the nation; they are made of a hollow chocolate shell filled with hot cocoa mix and other treats that melt and transform into a delicious mug of hot chocolate when you pour over warm milk. Lucky for us, Greenfield has several local bakeries and sellers producing these culinary treats to bring a little extra joy to your family’s winter season.

Whisk Bakery Hot Cocoa Bombs

Whisk Bakery, located at 540 US-31 in Greenfield, offers a wide variety of hot chocolate bombs that will be sure to warm up even the coldest Indiana night. Currently, Whisk is offering ready-to-sell varieties of hot chocolate bombs as well as pre-order options. The ready-to-sell versions include milk chocolate and white chocolate shells, as well as a combination of both milk and white chocolate. The pre-order flavors include milk chocolate, white chocolate, dark chocolate, peanut butter and peppermint shells.

These decadent jumbo hot chocolate bombs are $5 each or $25 for a half dozen. In order to get your hands on these delicious confections, you can either pick up the hot cocoa bombs at their storefront in Greenfield or have them shipped directly to your front door for an additional charge. [Photo below courtesy of Whisk Bakery Facebook]

Whisk Bakery

Hot Cocoa from Shanda’s Sugar Shack

With various five-star recommendations and glowing reviews, Shanda’s Sugar Shack not only serves a wide variety of baked goods but also offers delicious hot cocoa bombs for the whole family to enjoy. Shanda’s bombs come in a variety of shell flavors and fillings. These shell flavors include cookies and cream, as well as milk and white chocolate. 

The fillings that Shanda’s Sugar Shack offers are classic hot chocolate staples, peppermint and marshmallow, or a combination of the two. Each hot cocoa bomb is sold for $5 each and is available for local pickup and delivery to Greenfield residents. If you are looking for videos of their product and to keep up to date on possible giveaways, be sure to check out Shanda’s Sugar Shack on Facebook. [Photo below courtesy of Shanda’s Sugar Shack Facebook]

Shanda's Sugar Shack

Kelly Allen Hot Cocoa Bombs

Local hot cocoa bomb enthusiast, Kelly Allen, is also producing hot cocoa bombs for Greenfield residents. After a busy holiday season, Kelly is gearing up for Valentine’s Day orders. Kelly’s hot chocolate bombs come in a variety of flavors and fillings that are sure to pique your interest. These tempting flavors and fillings include: plain milk chocolate, mini M&Ms with Lucky Charms marshmallows (which are sure to make the kids in your life excited), Whoppers, or peppermint bark, as well as Hershey kisses topped with crushed peppermint.

Each of these mouthwatering flavors comes complete with a peppermint stirring stick to add another layer of fun. These hot cocoa bombs are currently being sold for $4 each and are available for pickup. To place your order before Valentine’s, private message Kelly Allen on Facebook.

The Butter Chip Bakery

The Butter Chip Bakery by Culinary Adventures with Pam is a local online bakery that delivers made from scratch sweet treats to Greenfield, New Palestine, and surrounding Indy areas, as well as selling at local farmer’s markets and other events. 

They have a huge range of flavor varieties, including dark and milk chocolate, red velvet, cookies n’ creme and their new chocolate covered strawberry flavor created especially for Valentine’s Day (pictured). Follow the Butter Chip Bakery on Facebook to keep up with their flash sales or message them directly to order. [Photo below and blog header courtesy of Butter Chip Bakery Facebook]

Butter Chip Bakery Hot Cocoa Bomb