You know that warm feeling you get when you’re surrounded by your loved ones, laughing, and enjoying each other’s company? Or the feeling of being wrapped up in a fuzzy blanket while sitting next to a crackling fireplace and smelling fresh bread waiting on the counter to be enjoyed. The Danish have a word that encapsulates all of those feelings: hygge. Hygge doesn’t really have a set definition, but it is generally regarded as “a quality of coziness and comfortable friendliness that creates a feeling of contentment or well-being.” Fortunately, you don’t need to live in Denmark to start practicing hygge in your daily life. Here are 10 ways you can find hygge in Greenfield this fall and winter. 

1. Make time to have coffee with a friend

Whether you prefer coffee, tea, or even hot chocolate, sitting down with a hot drink in your hands is a great way to practice hygge. Even better, is doing it in the company of a friend. As the weather finally starts to cool down, stop by a local coffee shop or diner, like Lincoln Square Pancake House for a drink and conversation to warm the soul. 

2. Cozy up with a good book 

There is nothing better than immersing yourself in a good book and leaving the stress of your real life for a while. This fall, consider perusing the shelves at the Hancock County Public Library in search of your next literary escape. If you’re interested in reading more about the practice of hygge itself, check out this list of 10 cozy books about hygge. 

3. Enjoy time with family outside in Greenfield

Sometimes being outside in nature can provide us with a calming effect we didn’t know we needed. A great way to get outside this fall and make precious memories with your family is by taking a trip to Tuttle Orchards. During your visit, you can pick fresh apples for snacking and pumpkins for carving. After you’ve collected your harvest, brave the corn maze and indulge in a warm cinnamon donut and one of their famous apple cider slushies. A day at Tuttle’s is a guaranteed way to give you the feel of hygge in Greenfield.

4. Invest in cozy, hygge clothes 

Feeling warm and cozy is what hygge is all about and there is no better way to be cozy than snuggling up in warm and fluffy clothes. Now is a great time to add some new hygge-inspired pieces to your wardrobe. A great place to start your search for the perfect fall attire is downtown Greenfield at Frances and Fern Boutique

5. Have a game night with friends and family 

A game night is a sure way to inspire the laughter and joy of friendship and family that hygge really tries to accomplish. You can host a game night with whatever games you have at home, or you can head over to Hitherto Coffee and Gaming Parlor where you have access to hundreds of new games and warm drinks to sip on while you play.  

6. Indulge in good food that makes you happy 

There is no lack of good food to eat in Greenfield and now is the time to indulge yourself in that special treat you can’t stop thinking about. Stop in the Confection Connection Bakery for one of their delectable blueberry muffins or pick up your favorite chocolates at J. Evelyn Confections. If you are looking to share the delicious taste of hygge in Greenfield, stopping by Jack’s Donuts to pick up a dozen sweet treats with friends is also a great idea. 

7. Have a movie night with your favorite holiday classics

Curling up to watch one of your favorite holiday movies is the perfect way to bring the warm coziness of hygge into your life. With a warm fuzzy blanket and a mug filled to the brim with your favorite drink, you can let the nostalgia of the holiday season wash over you. If you feel more at home watching your favorite movies on the big screen, make sure to mark your calendars for AJ Rick’s Center for the Art’s Christmas Movies and Holiday Market hosted by  Greenfield Main Street.

8. Share local Greenfield comfort food with special people

One common way the Danish practice hygge is by sharing good food with the people in their lives who make them happy. This fall, consider trying your hand at making a loaf of bread or spend the day cooking your favorite soup. If cooking makes you feel the opposite of calm and happy, might we suggest going out to one of the fabulous local restaurants in Greenfield such as Griggsby’s Station or Carnegie’s or simply go grab a drink at Wooden Bear Brewing?

9. Find the light in your life

A popular way to practice hygge is to surround one’s self with soft lights, such as candles, twinkle lights, a crackling fireplace, and even Christmas lights. This holiday season, hop into the car and take in the sights of your community’s houses lit up with holiday cheer. If you still want more Christmas light joy, check out Indy with Kids for a list of all the best places to see Christmas lights in Central Indiana this year. 

10. Adventure out to cut down your own Christmas tree

If you celebrate Christmas, a great way to spend family time together during the holiday season is to cut down and decorate your own Christmas tree. Fortunately, there are three charming tree farms right by Greenfield: Lost Forty Tree Farm, Sambol’s Tree Farm, and Piney Acres Farm. All of them would be a great place to spend a crisp winter afternoon finding the perfect tree for your family to enjoy this year. 

For those who live in Denmark, hygge can often be seen as a way of life, but to find hygge in Greenfield, there are many small and easy ways to bring a sense of warmth and coziness into your life. At the root of hygge, it is all about taking care of yourself and spending time with the special people in your life, and we think that this year everyone can use a little more of that.