Spread Kindness Socially Distant Style

In the midst of anxiety and fear surrounding Coronavirus (COVID-19), we don’t really think about the act of spreading anything as being positive.  We would wager, however, that there are still a few things to spread far and wide.  Kindness, love, and connection with our communities are just a few examples.  While we are in the midst of quarantine or social distancing to protect ourselves and our neighbors, here are a few ideas to help you and your family spread kindness and make a positive impact.

In communities across America, children are being kept home from school for protection of both their own families, as well as our larger communities. Greenfield, Indiana and Hancock County are no exception.  If we, as parents and members of a village, are trying to teach our children the benefits of spreading kindness and positivity, why not help them complete an art project focused on compassionate connection?

5 Ideas to Spread Kindness in the Midst of the Uncertainty of Coronavirus (COVID-19):

  • A stack of homemade cards sent to friends and neighbors is a great craft project to keep kids busy while also teaching them the importance of thinking of others.  Why not make a sign to hang in the front window of your home to show solidarity with community.  Phrases such as “We’ve got this!”, “Stay safe!” and “We love you!” are such nice sentiments to spread when anxieties are running on high intensity.
  • Another simple yet effective idea would be to send cards and hand drawn pictures to a nursing home.  Many elderly patients are not able to be with family at this time and receiving a small gift such as this could really boost their morale.  Sending letters of support to local businesses, people working in hospitals and doctor’s offices, or other members of the community who are serving the whole at this time is also a nice idea and greatly appreciated.
  • Create a large sign for your garage with a simple saying such as, “Keep Smiling,” “We’re In This Together,” “One Day at a Time” and so many other fun encouraging statements.
  • Let your children create art to hang in the windows for neighbors to see as they unplug for a socially distant walk and a bit of ecotherapy.
  • There are many resources available for families and individuals wishing to connect with friends and their greater community.  Social media, Zoom, Skype, and Facetime can create a feeling of connection during this time of fear.  However, handwritten cards and small gestures of kindness can go even farther in making people feel like they are part of something much bigger than themselves. These tools also can function as a symbol of humanness and connection, which seems as though may be the beautiful light that can emerge from this time of difficulty.