The global pandemic has raised the levels of stress and anxiety for everyone.  It has also shed light, however, on the resiliency and compassion of the human spirit.  We have witnessed an outpouring of support from our local Greenfield community as well as the larger Indiana community, proving the truth of Fred Roger’s quote about looking for the helpers:

When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me ‘Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.

Look for the Greenfield Indiana Helpers

Greenfield Cares

Many seniors and those with disabilities are worried about contracting the coronavirus.  Based on the advice of social distancing, many grocery stores have begun to hold hours specifically for this group to help them feel safer and supported.  Plus, organizations like Healthy 365 are helping with transportation and getting groceries to at risk individuals. Furthermore, healthcare and service professionals are receiving accolades of support from the community. It takes a village, friends.

Recently, the Central Indiana Jeep’er Club showed thanks to the Hancock Regional Hospital staff by arriving in the parking lot with horns blaring. The hospital also has designated prayer spots in the parking lot for those who would like to join in a group at a safe distance to offer support to the workers of Hancock Regional.

Just because school is out doesn’t mean that children facing food insecurity at home will go hungry.  Thanks to many public schools throughout Indiana including our Greenfield-Central Community School Corporation, children are receiving free lunches through the end of the school year.  Community members behind the scenes are responsible for acquiring food donations, assembling meals, and making sure the word gets out to families in need.  The same is true for organizations such as Meals on Wheels, Healthy 365 Connection Center, and the Kenneth Butler Soup Kitchen.  Recently, two Girl Scout troops delivered cookies to the Kenneth Butler Memorial Soup Kitchen, providing a dose of sweetness during a stressful time.

In addition, the Hancock County Community Foundation is doing its best to serve neighbors who are in distress.  It has made special donations to grants for various organizations serving Hancock County residents in need, such as the Kenneth Butler Memorial Soup Kitchen.  These organizations have a variety of workers and team members who are working tirelessly to help.  Also, in Hancock County is the Wellness Center, which is currently working to stream workouts via Facebook Live to keep residents feeling active and healthy while stuck at home.

If you are looking for updates about Greenfield itself, look no further than the Greenfield Community Facebook page.  Current events, community happenings, and resources for you are all posted in this centralized location. is another great resource, containing not only community news, but also blogs about various resources while you are in quarantine or social isolation.

We may be experiencing something new right now, but we can still see the same familiar human resiliency rising to the surface.  Community organizations and citizens are working to make sure that those who are vulnerable are being taken care of then supported.  If we begin to feel overwhelmed by the news and the emotional states brought on by this global pandemic, we can look for the helpers, feel comforted by the strength of our community and do our best to spread kindness like glitter.

Show all the Greenfield Indiana helpers love, and join us weekly in our #GreenfieldCares initiative:

Monday – Share Pics of Your Positive Window Art
Tuesday – Chalk Your Walk with Messages of Hope
Wednesday – Light the Night (Step Out On Your Porch with a Form of Light at 8 p.m.)
Thursday – Dress Like A Super Hero (A Cape or Scrubs, or Maybe Both!)
Friday – Join in Prayer (Each Friday at Noon Join Our Community in Prayer)
Saturday – Spread Kindness (Be Extra Kind, Lift Someone Up)
Sunday – Trail Time (Share a Pics of Your Favorite Greenfield Spot for a Calming Walk)