Did you know our local Hancock Wellness Centers offer massage therapy? The answer is yes, at all three locations in Greenfield, McCordsville and New Palestine! In addition to their workout equipment, fitness programs and group classes, Hancock Wellness Center offers nutrition and wellness education, diabetes care, physical therapy and massage therapy from highly trained and attentive therapists who specialize in a wide variety of different massage techniques. Learn more about the benefits you can reap from massage therapy at Hancock Wellness Center.

What types of massage therapy are offered?

The most common types of massage therapy at Hancock Wellness Center are Swedish massage, which uses long strokes, and Deep Tissue massage, a deep circular kneading to alleviate tension and stress. Another type of massage offered is Neuromuscular massage, a treatment that focuses on tight muscle fibers. This method is effective for reducing lower back pain. MediCupping is another technique offered that uses cups to stretch the tissue and break up scar tissue, relieving pain. Hancock Wellness Center also offers prenatal, Thai, TMJ, chair and oncology massages.

Other types of add-on care available with the massage therapy at Hancock Wellness Center include aromatherapy, the use of essential oils to promote a deeper level of relaxation. Bamboo and hot stone add-ons can also make your experience more relaxing and beneficial. Performance & Recovery massages may include: scraping, taping, cupping and stretching. Schedule time with a therapist and they can offer what may be the most effective choices.

Why is massage therapy at Hancock Wellness Center beneficial? 

Studies show that the types of massage therapy at Hancock Wellness Center can ease a variety of pain and discomfort-related symptoms.  It can be used to treat muscle strain, injuries, chronic illnesses, body pain, limited range of motion, stiffness, and headaches. Other benefits include reduced heart rate, increased blood circulation, relaxed muscles and lowered blood pressure.

“Many clients come for various reasons of pain or lack of range of motion,” said Kara Hackleman, Licensed Massage Therapist at Greenfield and the most senior therapist with the Wellness Centers. “Some come for lymphatic issues or after surgery and cancer treatments have left them with painful scar tissue. Most stay even after their symptoms and discomforts subside for the benefits of comfort, relaxation and even to maintain or prevent the ​original issues from returning.”

Massage therapy at Hancock Wellness Center is also affordable for clients and all three locations are open to the public, with appointment times ranging from 15 to 120 minutes. “We do offer our HWC members a couple of extra-special packages that you must be a member to purchase,” said Hackleman. “It’s just our way of thanking them for their loyalty and membership.” 

How will my Hancock Wellness treatment fit my needs?

It’s important to Hancock Wellness Center that treatments are individualized. Their goal is to provide personalized treatment that fits your specific needs. In addition to working with other hospital disciplines, they work closely with your doctor to determine the best possible treatment. Medical Director Lori Deemer oversees each treatment to ensure the highest quality medical care, and the Wellness Center’s affiliation with Hancock Regional Hospital makes it simple to be referred for treatment.

“Some type of massage therapy is safe for everyone,” explained Hackleman. “However, since we are also employees of Hancock Regional Hospital, we have a relationship with the doctors and providers. Sometimes we will need more information before proceeding with massage therapy and many of the providers refer their patients for massage therapy. The doctors appreciate an alternative to offer their patients beyond surgery and prescription medications. While we cannot take the place of surgery, many times massage therapy can control pain and allow the patients and doctor to put off the surgery while maintaining the patient’s ability to move and function with regular massage therapy.”

Learn more about the benefits of massage therapy at Hancock Wellness Center, as well as their many other fitness services, at hancockwellness.org.