WHEREAS, the undersigned is the duly elected Mayor of the City of Greenfield, Indiana; and

WHEREAS, Indiana Code § 10-14-3-29(a)(1) permits the principal executive officer of a political
subdivision the ability to declare a local emergency; and

WHEREAS, the Common Council and the Mayor have a duty to ensure the safe and efficient operation
of government of the City of Greenfield, Indiana; and

WHEREAS, the undersigned has received information from various sources, including, but not limited
to, Federal, State, The Hancock County Emergency Management office and Hancock County health officials of
the confirmed existence within Greenfield, Indiana of the COVID-19, coronavirus (“Coronavirus”) and that said
virus is spreading throughout the state of Indiana; and

WHEREAS, the undersigned has also been informed by the aforementioned sources of information that
the potential rapid spread of the Coronavirus may be mitigated by limiting public interaction; and

WHEREAS, in order to reduce the risk of exposure to the Coronavirus to City employees and the public,
it is necessary to temporarily limit public access to all public buildings owned and/or operated by the City of
Greenfield, including, but not limited to, City Hall located at 10 S. State St., Greenfield, Indiana.

As a result of this local emergency, public access to all buildings owned or operated by the City of
Greenfield, including, but not limited to, City Hall located at 10 S. State St., Greenfield, Indiana, shall be restricted
to elected officials, appointed officials, and city employees, as well as other personnel deemed essential by the

Citizens requiring the services of the Utility Billing Department may make payments by utilizing the drop
box in the entryway to City Hall, the drop box in the alley immediately south of City Hall, or online. Citizens
having questions, requesting initiation of a new service, or needing service upon an existing account, shall utilize
the Utility Billing Department’s online communications portal.

10 South State Street, Greenfield, IN 46140 | 317-477-4300 | Fax 317-477-4301 |
All appointed managers, administrators, commissioners, and department heads are hereby authorized to
take all lawful action necessary to effectuate the terms and intent of this Declaration, to reduce the risk of further
spread of the Coronavirus, which would result in a reduction of the efficiency of government and utility services
within the City of Greenfield, Indiana.

In compliance with the statement of general guidance of the Public Access Counselor of the state of
Indiana, all public meetings may be conducted electronically. All public meetings will be live streamed and may
be viewed on the Greenfield, Indiana, website located at Every effort shall be made to
allow remote public comments and questions during the meeting at the appropriate and/or designated time. The
public is strongly urged to view said proceedings online from their home especially for high risk or symptomatic
individuals. Please feel free to contact the councilperson of your district or any council member at large with any
questions regarding city business or concerns.

The Hancock County Emergency Management office, by and through the Hancock County
Commissioners has issued a travel advisory for Hancock County indicating that only essential travel, such as to
and from work or in emergency situations is recommended and the City of Greenfield Indiana, hereby declares
their intention to abide by and to enforce said travel advisory throughout the incorporated limits of Greenfield,

The City of Greenfield will continue to offer City services. Public safety services are deemed Essential
Services and as such those departments will continue to operate with adjustments as appropriate to ensure
Essential Service continuity.

All other City of Greenfield departments will remain open, although closed to public access, and they
shall remain available for essential business either by telephone, electronic mail, or by appointment made in
advance. Those departments may be contacted at the numbers set forth below:

Mayor’s Office 317-477-4300
Clerk-Treasurer’s Office 317-477-4310
Animal Management 317-477-4367
Engineering Department 317-477-4320
Planning Department 317-477-4320
Fire Department Administration 317-477-4430
Parks and Recreation 317-477-4340
Police Department Administration 317-477-4410
Power & Light Department 317-477-4370
Street Department 317-477-4380
Utility Billing Department 317-477-4330
Wastewater Utility 317-477-4360
Water Utility 317-477-4350

All requests for permits through the Planning Department, may be accessed through the Greenfield
website located at by clicking on the link at the bottom of the page entitled “Online
10 South State Street, Greenfield, IN 46140 | 317-477-4300 | Fax 317-477-4301 |
Permitting”. Inspections may be arranged telephonically through the Planning Department at the number set forth

This Declaration shall become effective as of 8:00 AM, March 19, 2020 and expire within 7 days thereafter
unless extended by the Greenfield Common Council.

SO DECLARED THIS 18th DAY OF March, 2020