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Fall Maintenance Tips for your Greenfield Home

Fall brings beautiful changes to the leaves and the cooler weather that many Midwesterners crave. But it can also bring damage to your home if you don’t perform some key annual maintenance tasks. Check out these fall maintenance tips to keep your Greenfield home in peak condition and prepare it for winter weather.  Clean Roof […]

5 Best Fall Date Night Spots in Hancock County

Fall is here and it’s a great time to spend a little dedicated time with your spouse or partner. Plan your next date night in Hancock County at one of these top spots for the best fall offerings. After the chaos of a quarantined summer and virtual learning this fall, you and your favorite person […]

Local Coat Resources for Fall and Winter

Are you in need of cold weather clothing for fall and winter this year? Or are you looking to offer your gently used coat to an organization for someone else who can use it as the temperatures drop? Today we are sharing local coat resources for donations of cold weather gear right here in Hancock […]

Famous‌ ‌Indiana‌ ‌Chili‌ ‌Recipes‌ ‌

On a cool fall day, one of the best ways to warm up is with a steaming hot bowl of chili. Do you have a favorite family recipe? Whether you’ve been cooking chili at home for years or have never tried your hand making it, these famous Hoosier recipes will have you reaching for your […]

Greenfield Indiana Volunteer Opportunities

If you are a Greenfield resident, you know that our community is full of compassionate and caring people. We are proud to say that there is a large number of non-profits located right here in Greenfield, and many more in the surrounding areas. As the time of year is approaching when we all begin to […]

10 Greenfield Indiana Fall Activities

Already starting to miss your usual Greenfield Indiana fall activities? Autumn doesn’t have to be a bummer. The pandemic may have put a damper on many plans, but there is still plenty of fun to be had. Check out our list of 10 things to do in Hancock County Indiana this autumn. Greenfield Indiana Fall […]

Get to Know the BIG Employers of Hancock County

Are you looking to move to Hancock County, or seeking out a new job in the area? Greenfield and surrounding Hancock County have hundreds of employers providing thousands of jobs to our local residents. Here are a few of the top employers in our county, sourced via the Hancock Economic Development Council with data updated […]

Mindfulness for Emotionally Overwhelming Times

We have been living in a global pandemic now for a while and it is having an obvious impact on how we feel emotionally. Maybe you have experienced that weird sensation when you are standing next to a family member and realize you are socially distancing yourself without realizing it? Or maybe you have been […]

History of the National Road Yard Sale — and What to Expect This Year

The Historic National Road, also known as U.S. Route 40, runs from Missouri to Maryland as the “Main Street of America.” The route is also home to a nearly 20-year yard sale festival tradition. This year, the event has been rescheduled for Aug. 19-23 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Although the sale may look a […]

8-14-20 Hancock Health Update

“Wearying.”  That is a word that was shared with me recently to describe the world’s 2020 experience with COVID-19.  I thought this an aptly descriptive term for the journey we are on together.  You may not know, but this word actually has two definitions.  The first meaning, and the one that usually comes to mind, […]

Biking in Greenfield Indiana

Biking in Greenfield Indiana Are you looking for a fun way to get out and enjoy the rest of the beautiful summer weather in beautiful Greenfield, Indiana? Why not try biking with your family? Our city has some great biking and walking trail options for any skill level of biker. Get your heart rate up […]

Fast Seat for Our Heroes

Greenfield, Indiana – On behalf of HRM Insurance Services and the lndyCar Experience, we would like to thank each of our first responders for their selfless service to our community during the COVID-19 pandemic, and their everyday sacrifices. A Fast Seat for Our Heroes will be held on Tuesday, August 4, 2020, at 10 a.m. […]

Indiana Face Covering Mandate

July 22, 2020 – Gov. Holcomb announced today he will sign an executive order issuing a statewide Indiana face covering mandate starting July 27. The Governor notes that we did a good job during hunker down and this has now become necessary to help prevent transmission of the virus. Determining factors included: Getting children back […]

Hancock County Indiana Back to School Preview

School is nearly back in session, and it’s going to look different this year for families and staff alike in the wake of the global COVID-19 pandemic. The four Hancock County Indiana public school corporations have worked closely together and with the Hancock County Health Department to craft a joint statement on returning to school […]

Greenfield Round-Up | Greenfield Indiana Non-Profits

If you live in Greenfield, you know that you are part of a very caring and committed community. For that reason, many non-profits also call Greenfield Indiana their home base. Whether an organization is working to help homeless animals, feed the hungry, or create community for groups in need, you will find an outpouring of […]

6-27-20 Hancock Health Update

Stage 5 of Back on Track Indiana Opinion Editorial from Steve Long of Hancock Health: July 4th marks the beginning of Stage 5 of the “Back on Track” Indiana program.  This year Independence Day will not only commemorate the struggle to create a free country some 240 years ago, it may also commemorate a major […]

6-3-2020 Hancock Health Update

We are now one month into the re-opening of our state and have successfully moved into Stage 3 of the “Back on Track” plan from the Governor.  Restaurants have partially re-opened, churches are meeting again (with smaller crowds), barbershops and salons are open (with limited waiting areas), malls and shopping centers are open at 75% […]

Know Your Local Fireworks Regulations

Before You Celebrate, Know Your Local Fireworks Regulations Greenfield Indiana Fireworks It’s summertime again in Greenfield, which means that Fourth of July festivities are just around the corner! This year, however, there will be some changes in how residents celebrate due to the Covid-19 outbreak. Celebrations with huge crowds and fireworks may be postponed or […]

Oh the Amenities | Why Greenfield Indiana

Exploring all the great burbs to settle down in and around Central Indiana? Asking why Greenfield Indiana? Greenfield is an amazing place to live, and we’re not just saying that because we call it home. You can find the best of both worlds by living in this area… the small town feel with the big […]

Summer 2020: 100 Things to Do in Hancock County Indiana

2020 doesn’t have to be a bummer summer. The pandemic may have put a damper on many summer plans, but there is still plenty of fun to be had. Check out our list of 100 things to do in Hancock County Indiana this summer. Okay, there might be a few items from just outside of […]

5-20-20 Hancock Health Update

The Governor announced today that the state would move more quickly to Stage 3 of the opening plan making it effective this coming Friday, just in time for the holiday weekend.  He also indicated Stage 4 could be advanced from the planned July 4 date to June 14th.  For more information, please check out the […]

Why Gratitude Matters

Sometimes, we humans have a strained relationship with gratitude.  Most people have been taught that it is important to be grateful for everything we have because there is always someone who has less or is in a tougher situation.  So, in this way, gratitude becomes a game of comparison.  What if, however, we only looked […]

The Power of Unplugging | Too Much Social Media

We all know that too much social media probably isn’t great for our mental health. But especially during the current health crisis, the power of unplugging from your smartphone for a while can be incredibly refreshing and beneficial. In honor of Mental Health Awareness Month this May, learn more about how too much social media […]

Prioritize Your Mental Health with These 3 Practices

Many of us are experiencing an increased mental and emotional load associated with the global pandemic and quarantine.  May is Mental Health Awareness Month. We thought it would be helpful to provide you with a few easy ways to prioritize your mental health during this time.  There are many ways to keep yourself healthy but […]

5-6-2020 Hancock Health Update

Hancock County has been blessed in our journey with COVID-19, recognizing fewer cases and deaths than one would anticipate based on the numbers experienced in other parts of the state and country.  As we move into the multi-stage opening process outlined by Governor Holcomb it will be important to remember some key points: The virus […]

Teen Mental Health During the Pandemic

May is Mental Health Awareness Month, and with the current health crisis we need to check in with ourselves and others now more than ever. If you have a teen or young adult in your life, they may be feeling especially depressed or anxious about school and event closures due to the novel coronavirus. Here […]

Governor Holcomb Outlines Back on Track Indiana Reopening

May 1, 2020: Governor Announces Roadmap to Safely Reopen Indiana Governor Eric J. Holcomb today announced the Back On Track Indiana plan to safely open the economy and remain vigilant about protecting Hoosiers’ health and well-being. “Across Indiana, we have witnessed a spirit of cooperation and caring for others that has touched my heart. May […]

Give Where You Live | #HeartforHancock on May 5

Wait, it’s time for Giving Tuesday… has fall come early? No, this Tuesday, May 5 Hancock Health is participating in #GivingTuesdayNow, a global day of giving and unity in response to the current COVID-19 health crisis. Here in our local community, we encourage you to support Heart for Hancock, a relief fund specifically for those […]

3-21-2020 Hancock Health Update from Steve Long

Growth in new cases of COVID-19 across the nation, state, and region has flattened in recent days, and in places like New York, has declined considerably.  This has given reassurance to federal and state administrations to begin planning for the next phase in the COVID crisis – the initial easing of restrictions on travel and […]

Self-Care Matters | Look After Yourself

Are you feeling stressed about the pandemic?  If you are, you are not alone.  In fact, you may only be alone if you aren’t feeling anything. Many Hoosiers are finding it difficult to make sense of the isolation, the worry, the fear, and the myriad of emotions surrounding our current predicament. It’s a good time […]

Look for the Greenfield Indiana Helpers

The global pandemic has raised the levels of stress and anxiety for everyone.  It has also shed light, however, on the resiliency and compassion of the human spirit.  We have witnessed an outpouring of support from our local Greenfield community as well as the larger Indiana community, proving the truth of Fred Roger’s quote about […]

3-8-2020 Hancock Health Update from Steve Long

As I craft this update, the world has reached 1.5 million people with COVID-19 and more than 420,000 in the U.S.  Of interest, nearly 80% of all cases worldwide are now in the U.S. and Europe.  New York and New Jersey comprise half of the cases in the U.S.  Indiana has 6,000 cases and the […]

Greenfield Indiana Recipe Roundup

Greenfield Indiana Recipes Being stuck at home can be a great time to indulge in activities that may not normally fit into your busy schedule, packed with commuting to work, performing services in the community, or driving the kids in various carpools all over Central Indiana.  Maybe quarantine is your chance to get back into […]

White Ribbons for Healthcare Heroes

As we navigate the current COVID-19 health crisis, it sometimes feels like there is little in our control. Right now, our biggest directive in the U.S. is to stay home, but maybe you want to do more to actively show your support for the healthcare heroes in our Greenfield and Hancock County community. We are […]

3-3-2020 Update from Hancock Health’s Steve Long

Hancock County Coronavirus Update: April 3, 2020 On this first Friday in April, the Governor extended the “stay at home” order for an additional two weeks; the President issued a “disaster declaration” for the state of Indiana (which opens up new funding streams); and the federal government appears to be supporting the wearing of masks […]

Helping Isolated Seniors Amid Social Distancing

Social Isolation… All of us may be starting to feel its effects amid social distancing, especially if we rely on face-to-face interaction with others as part of our own well-being.  One group that has been affected most of all is our community’s elderly population. Many seniors live on their own and rely on social gatherings […]

Ways to Celebrate Easter at Home in Greenfield Indiana

We may be celebrating Easter at home in Greenfield, Indiana this year, but that doesn’t mean we can’t still make the most of the holiday with those in our household. Check out a few of our tips for family activities that will make your Easter holiday at home a fun and joyful one to remember. […]

Resources for Small Businesses During This Crisis

Some of us in Indiana may be considering the Stay at Home order an extended vacation, but for small business owners this can be a very difficult time with few or no ways to reach customers to sell goods and services. If you own a small business, check out some of these tips and resources […]

Managing Stress and Anxiety With Meditation

The unknown is a source of anxiety for many people, as most of us like to think we have control over our lives.  Now that our country, our world, is facing a pandemic, things have become anything but routine and expected, causing anxiety and stress to sky-rocket.  So how do we deal with this sudden […]

Tips To Help Kids Tackle the Pandemic

As parents, many times, we hear the phrase “kids are so resilient.”  The truth is that, although they can absolutely be resilient, they also need guidance from the trusted adults in their life to help them feel safe.  Right now, our community, our country, and our planet are facing a true crisis, a pandemic.  Schools […]

3-26-2020 Update from Hancock Health’s Steve Long

As per the update at 48,000 new cases of COVID-19 were reported worldwide yesterday with the total number of infected now exceeding half a million people. The United States is third highest on the list of COVID-infected countries and is poised to overtake Italy by early next week and likely China by the end […]

Greenfield Indiana Best Places for a Walk

The Top 8 Near Greenfield, Indiana Best Places for a Walk *As voted by locals on Greenfield Gabber Pennsy Trail Beckenholdt Park (includes a dog friendly paved path and 2 acre dog park) Thornwood Preserve (includes hiking trails) Falls Park in Pendleton, Indiana Flat Fork in Fortville area Ft. Benjamin Harrison State Park Mounds State […]

3-23-2020 Update from Hancock Health’s Steve Long

Covid 19: 32,000 new cases were reported worldwide yesterday, with nearly 10,000 of those in America, and 58 in Indiana. Indiana has had a total of 259 Cases in 37 Counties and 7 Deaths; 2,000 have been tested. Today, Governor Holcomb issued a “Shelter in Place” order for all non-essential companies. At Hancock Health, we […]

How Not to Snack Your Way Through the Stay at Home Order

We’ve all heard of the freshman 15 but more recently, you might have also heard about the quarantine 15 or the COVID “19” while we’re all staying at home right now. A little stress eating is definitely to be expected while we adjust to our new normal right now, but if you want to curb […]

The Outdoors Aren’t Closed | 5 Things to Do in Your Backyard

Hunkering down during this time of social distancing can make you stir crazy, but thankfully the outdoors aren’t closed! The weather is finally starting to get warmer, so take your kids or your pets in the backyard and get some fresh air. Remember, if you are in a neighborhood, park or other shared outdoor space, […]


Greenfield and Hancock County Indiana Community Resources We’re Helping Each Other Right Here MEALS ON WHEELS Still delivering meals as usual Focusing on individuals 60+ Prescription from a physician is required Call (317) 477.4345 Apply online at HANCOCK COUNTY FOOD PANTRY Distributing food through drive-thru A proxy can be sent to pick up food […]

Social Distancing 101

Do we really have to stay home right now? Can I go out to buy groceries? Should we cancel that playdate with the neighbors? And seriously, what’s up with everyone stocking up on toilet paper? Let’s learn together how to navigate social distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic without freaking out. What exactly is social distancing? […]

Hancock Health Opens Hancock Triage, COVID-19 Testing Center

For immediate release: March 19, 2020 Patients encouraged to call (317) 325-COVD (2683); those with symptoms will be referred to the new Hancock Triage center Greenfield, IN (March 19, 2020)— Hancock Health has opened a dedicated COVID-19 triage center, Hancock Triage, with appointments available by referral only. Hancock County residents who are experiencing symptoms or have […]

Central Indiana Virtual Resources for Homebound Learning

As our communities continue to practice social distancing and self quarantine, we know that parents may be going especially stir crazy with children home from school while one or more adults work from home. Whether your local school sent your child home with a packet of worksheets, is offering an e-learning option or wasn’t able […]

Mayor Chuck Fewell Declares a State of Local Emergency

DECLARATION OF LOCAL EMERGENCY WHEREAS, the undersigned is the duly elected Mayor of the City of Greenfield, Indiana; and WHEREAS, Indiana Code § 10-14-3-29(a)(1) permits the principal executive officer of a political subdivision the ability to declare a local emergency; and WHEREAS, the Common Council and the Mayor have a duty to ensure the safe […]

Live Streams and Virtual Tours to Enjoy While at Home

Just because you may be stuck at home in Greenfield, Indiana for a few weeks, doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy springtime fun and creative activities from your laptop or smartphone! Numerous cultural and educational centers are offering free live streams, tutorials and virtual tours for families to view at home. Inspire creativity and alleviate […]

In the Midst of Uncertainty, Spread Kindness

Spread Kindness Socially Distant Style In the midst of anxiety and fear surrounding Coronavirus (COVID-19), we don’t really think about the act of spreading anything as being positive.  We would wager, however, that there are still a few things to spread far and wide.  Kindness, love, and connection with our communities are just a few […]

Questions About Coronavirus | Where To Go If You Are Ill

Hancock Regional Hospital and Hancock Health are committed to providing the entire community with the best care you need when you need it most. Individuals with questions about Coronavirus (COVID-19) or those feeling ill are encouraged to call our hotline at (317) 325.COVD or visit their website. On their website you can even sign up for […]

Open Letter to the Community from Hancock Health’s Steve Long

Open Letter From Steve Long, Hancock Health CEO It has been another day of change in our national, state, and local environments. The virus has now been diagnosed in all 50 states. The CDC released the “15 Days to Change” information and recommended limiting gatherings to less than 10 individuals. Governor Holcomb signed the Executive […]

News Release | Gov. Holcomb Signs Executive Order to Slow the Spread of COVID-19

Gov. Holcomb Latest News Release on Coronavirus (COVID-19) Issued 3-17-2020: INDIANAPOLIS — In a continuing effort to slow the spread of novel coronavirus (COVID-19), Governor Eric J. Holcomb has announced additional efforts. Here are additional directives from Governor Holcomb: Gov. Holcomb signed an executive order Monday memorializing that day’s announcements. A copy of the executive order […]