If you haven’t heard yet, Santa’s sleigh will probably be slowed down by global supply chain issues this year. Since the start of the pandemic, factories across the world have been greatly affected by needing to keep their workers safe while also meeting rising demands from customers seeking products to make their homes and lives more comfortable in an otherwise very uncomfortable time. One way to solve this problem while holiday shopping is simple: shop local in Greenfield!

According to the New York Times, when one factory is unable to keep up with its production, it often affects the next factory or checkpoint in the global supply chain – “the usually invisible pathway of manufacturing, transportation, and logistics that gets goods from where they are manufactured, mined or grown to where they are going.” 

For such a complex global problem, the way you can get your holiday shopping done in a timely manner is simple: shop local in Greenfield. There are so many wonderful stores and services in the Hancock County area that have the perfect gift you didn’t know you were looking for. If you don’t have time to check out each of the stores and all they have to offer, we present to you a list of the thoughtful, creative, and simply wonderful gifts you can find around Greenfield this holiday season. 

Give the gift of good food 

When it comes to giving gifts you know people are going to really appreciate and use, giving the gift of a night out at a favorite restaurant is always a great idea – and Greenfield has so many good options. Some local restaurants you might consider purchasing a gift card from are Griggsby Station, Lincoln Square Pancake House, The Mug, Carnegie’s, Tour of Italy, Costa’s Grill, and The Depot. You could also add a restaurant gift card to another locally bought gift for the ultimate Greenfield dining out package. 

 Give the gift of relaxation 

As we approach our second pandemic-era holiday season, consider pampering the special people in your life with the gift of relaxation and self-care. Salon De’ Elegance not only offers haircuts and styling, but a gift card for their day spa and massage services is the perfect way to show someone you care. Or give the gift of a girl’s day out to Posh where you and your girls can pamper yourself with manicures, pedicures, facials, lash extensions, and so much more. 

Give the gift of farm-fresh products

Hancock County is uniquely situated to provide you with some of the best farm-fresh products in Indiana. This year, consider gifting your friends a basket filled with fresh produce, meat, flowers, and home goods. The gift not only will impress your friends and family, but your purchases will directly support local farmers in your community. We recommend checking out Tuttle’s Orchards, Tyner Pond Farm, Penny’s Florist, and the Greenfield Farmer’s Market for the perfect assortment of farm-fresh goodies. 

Give the gift of a pizza or ice cream night 

What is more fun than receiving a kit for your very own pizza or ice cream night? For a pizza-themed gift, the basket might include a pizza cutter, hot pads, pizza stone, and a gift card to their favorite local pizza place. An ice cream night can be just as fun, especially for a family with younger kids. That gift might include an ice cream scoop, fun sprinkles, delicious sauces, and a gift card to Libby’s Ice Cream

Give the gift of caffeine 

We all have that person in our life who can always be found with a cup of coffee in their hands, so why not give them what they are already looking for this holiday season – more caffeine! A custom mug from their favorite local coffee spot (maybe Hitherto Coffee) with a gift card wrapped inside is the perfect way to show you care. You could also stop by Cynthia’s Hallmark to find a holiday-themed mug they can sip from while curled up by the fire this holiday season. 

Give the gift of coziness

If you have not heard of the Danish concept of hygge before, we strongly recommend you check out our blog about it, but to sum it up, hygge is generally regarded as a quality of coziness and comfortable friendliness that creates a feeling of contentment or well-being. There are so many places to shop local in Greenfield that inspire hygge and provide a wide range of hygge-inspired gifts. 

First, stop by Frances and Fern where all of their soft and cozy sweaters and clothes would be a perfect hygge gift. Then swing by Leo’s Market where you can find home/kitchen goods, all produced in Indiana. Some great options for hygge-inspired gifts from Leo’s are soaps from Indiana Soap Co., wine from Oliver Winery, and Grey Cabin Candles. Some other great options to find locally for a hygge-inspired gift are books, soup mix, and cozy blankets. 

Give the gift of holiday treats

For the more difficult people to shop for on your list, consider giving them the best of Greenfield’s holiday treats this year. Swing by J. Evelyn Confections for delectable chocolates, caramels, and toffees. Then stop by the Confection Connection bakery to order them their favorite batch of cupcakes. Finally, with so many Greenfield sweets that taste best when they are fresh out of the oven, give the gift of a promise to take the recipient of your gift out to one of the local bakeries in Greenfield, like The Sweet Shop, for some fresh treats and good company. 

Give the gift of a game night

Giving the gift of a game night can probably cover lots of people on your list! You’ll want to start your hunt for the perfect gift at Hitherto Coffee and Gaming Parlor where you can find a game suitable for everyone. Once you have the perfect game, grab their favorite snack and some popcorn, and bundle them up in a gift that is sure to spark joy for many game nights to come. 

Give the gift of good spirits 

Give the gift of an overflowing cup for the adults in your life who enjoy a good drink during the holiday season. For the wine drinkers in your life, check out Leo’s Market which carries a selection of Indiana wines, including Oliver Wines. For those more interested in beer, throw in a gift card to Wooden Bear Brewery which is a sure spot to find the best of Indiana craft beers. 

If holiday shopping is starting to stress you out, just know that you don’t have to look any further than the Greenfield city limits to find the perfect gift for everyone you need to shop for. For more ideas of places to shop local in Greenfield this holiday season, check out these two lists of local businesses provided by Greenfield Mainstreet and Greenfield Community. 

[Photo credit: J. Evelyn Confections]