Last year at this time, we probably didn’t even have an inkling of what this holiday season would look like. At the very least, nobody thought we would be relying on Zoom and other video chat methods for connecting with relatives during this season of celebrations. Now that this time is upon us and it looks like we will be experiencing a quarantined holiday season, it is time to get creative and look for some fun ways to make the best of a difficult situation.

Check out these ten ways to make your holiday Zoom a great one!

  1. Choose a theme and send online invitations. Try to build up a little anticipation for your virtual party the same way you would a party in your home. 
  2. Have an agenda. Especially if you have a larger family, this might be a good way to avoid just staring at each other on the computer screen.
  3. Make it fun. Have some laughs together (goodness knows we could all use it). Ugly sweater competitions, funny family talent shows, or sharing favorite funny family memories can all get everyone into a more cheerful mood.
  4. Share a menu. Plan ahead to have everyone share the same dessert or appetizer. You can even have a gingerbread house making contest or another type of cook-off to add a bit of fun into the mix.
  5. Use music to spread holiday cheer. Create a holiday list on Spotify or iTunes and have family members contribute songs. You can have this playlist on in the background or you can even go one step further and sing or karaoke to some favorites.
  6. Watch a holiday movie together. Netflix and other channels such as Disney Plus are included in services such as Teleparty, which allows you to watch movies or television with family and friends virtually. Who knows, maybe the annual fight over which movie to watch won’t be missed this year!
  7. Include a craft. We already mentioned building a gingerbread house. There is also ornament decorating a whole barrage of possible holiday crafts available on the Web. Purchase necessary supplies and send them in the mail or drop them off to family members so that you can enjoy an activity together.
  8. Play some games. Christmas or Hannukah bingo sheets could be printed off in various homes and one person can be the host or caller while everyone else tries to fill their squares. Trivia is another great Zoom game, and it can be made into either kid-friendly or adult versions. The options are endless!
  9. Create a photo slideshow. Have your family members send pictures from throughout the year and create a sentimental slideshow that you can watch together during the Zoom party. Sharing your screen on your computer as the host allows the other guests to see the video you are playing.
  10. Keep traditions alive in a creative way. Is there a special punch that you all love to share every year? Or a book that your family reads together? Find creative ways to still keep these traditions going, even through these trying times.

Greenfield Indiana Holiday Lights

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Our last tip? Make up new traditions.

This year is a great time to bring something new into your holidays. Who knows, maybe next year you will look back on this holiday season and remember fondly something that you would like to continue incorporating into future celebrations. No matter how you celebrate, we would like to wish all of you a very happy, safe and warm holiday season!