What would a community be without its non-profits who strive to care for residents and the place as a whole? Here, we are lucky to have the Community Foundation of Hancock County, a local organization whose mission it is to support non-profits and residents in realizing their dreams and creating a better world. Recently, this amazing foundation moved into a new location they are lovingly calling the Thrive Center.  

A beautiful new space for the Community Foundation 

For the last 17 years, the Hancock County Community Foundation has operated out of what was once a funeral parlor at 312 Main St. In Greenfield. As they open this new chapter (and their doors), they will be located at 971 W. US 40 in the former Realife Church building. Although thankful for the many memories made in their old location, they are grateful to move into a place that has not only more space for employees, but more space to engage community members as well. 

A public non-profit with values that mean something special 

As a non-profit aiming to create an even better Hancock County, the Community Foundation has 6 core values. These include: 

  • Collaboration through partnerships and shared passion projects, promoting a feeling of inclusiveness. 
  • Communicating in an open and timely fashion when sharing work as well as listening to community members. 
  • Community Enrichment that provides grant support to support initiatives that create a sense of place here in Hancock County. 
  • Integrity and honoring commitments to maintaining the community’s trust. 
  • Leadership that creates a positive vision for the future of Hancock County by empowering others. 
  • Stewardship of assets and maintaining a National Certification for U.S. Community Foundations.  

Now they will be able to put their values and their mission into action with a large space where they can welcome the community for engagement in group settings as well as individuals. They will be continuing to do their work of funding and strengthening local non-profits, helping people give more efficiently and effectively, promoting the attainment of education for all through scholarships and more.  

In standing with their values of supporting non-profits, the Community Foundation has also generously handed over the lease of their old building to Meals on Wheels of Hancock County. Because of this, Meals on Wheels can move forward with their Circle of Care program to create a hub of non-profits that will be more easily accessible to Greenfield residents.  

Congratulations to the Community Foundation of Hancock County on this prosperous new adventure! To learn more about their work right here in our community, head on over to their website