Greenfield, Indiana has a number of delicious hometown and chain restaurants, but there are a few Midwest favorites that locals have been craving for some time now. Proposed for a location on North State Street near I-70, Midland Atlantic Properties has filed plans with the city to open new locations for Chipotle Mexican Grill, Panera Bread and Chick-fil-A in the coming year.

Rising from the Ashes

First shared by the Greenfield Reporter, Midland Atlantic Properties bought the 3.35-acre property at 2203 N. State St. late last year. The location was previously the site of an El Rodeo restaurant owned by Francisco P. Salgado and Jose Melendez, but the lot has been vacant since a fire destroyed the restaurant in 2012. The site was purchased for $3.35 million and is planned to be split into three smaller lots for these new fast-casual restaurants. 

Growth Trends for Fast-Casual Dining

According to Business Wire, the fast-casual market growth is set to accelerate by approximately 8% from 2020 to 2024, mostly due to the “rise in the number of dual-income families and busy lifestyles [that] have increased the preference for on-the-go food among consumers.” A desire for more personalized and nutritious menus is also leading to this growing trend in fast-casual dining. Also likely due in part to the pandemic, all three of these new restaurants are planned to have drive-thru window options for less social contact and faster service.

Chick-fil-A Top Restaurant Want for 2020

Until now, one of the closest options for these three restaurants was Hamilton Town Center in Noblesville, a drive of at least 30 minutes or more for Greenfield residents. Although a few locations in Indianapolis offer a similar drive, Chick-fil-A has remained an elusive craving with a long commute for chicken sandwich devotees. In fact, Mayor Chuck Fewell noted in his 2020 State of the City address that Greenfield had reached out to the chain multiple times, especially since “getting a Chick-fil-A” was the top answer in a recent youth council survey with 900 responses. 

New Restaurants Planned for 2022

The Greenfield Advisory Plan Commission is set to consider the Midland Atlantic Properties development plan this month, and the firm hopes to start construction in August with restaurants slated to open in March or April 2022. In an interview with the Greenfield Reporter, T. Aaron Boyle, managing principal for Midland Atlantic Properties, said, “It’s just been a great property and Greenfield’s been great to work with, and obviously growing from a residential standpoint.”

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